Advice From A Failure

I ran across another poem, Advice From A Failure that I found inspiring. This poem was written by Jo Coudert.

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You do not need to be loved,

not the cost of yourself.

The single relationship truly central and

crucial to life is the relationship

to the self.

It is rewarding to

find someone whom you like,

but it is essential to like yourself.

It is quickening to recognize that

someone is a good and decent

human being,

but it is indispensable to

view yourself as acceptable.

It is a delight to discover people who are

worthy of respect and admiration

and love,

but it is vital to believe

yourself worthy of these things.

For you cannot live in someone else.

You cannot find yourself in

someone else.

You cannot be given a life by

someone else.

Of all the people you

will know in a lifetime, you are the

only one you will never leave or lose.

To the question of your life,

you are the only answer.

To the problems of your life,

you are the only solution.

There is so much truth in this poem. What is that saying? Wherever you go, there you are. Again, this is so true and that’s why it’s so important to make peace with yourself and your past, so you can move on and become one of your best friends and cheerleaders.

Having said that, we also need a Higher Power, and we need each other.

Another thing I have learned over the years is we were never meant to do life alone. It is important to have people who really care about you, care enough to confront you when you need confronting with unhealthy behaviors towards yourself and others. We need people to support us through tough times in life, and make no mistake, tough times are a part of everyone’s life. We need people who will do the work of love; protect and provide safe, calm and loving places to find refuge.

Advice from a failure is good stuff. Mix it in with a group of people who are there for you, and your life will be a fulfilling experience.


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