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I love reading about homeschooling on The Mommy Mess. One of the reasons is because she is in a different place in her homeschooling journey than I had been…you know, before I finished in May: I Kissed Homeschooling Good-bye. And she is a great writer and another blogger I had the pleasure of meeting.


She just posted That Time I Almost Quit Homeschooling… I could so identify. I admire her questioning and searching and her desire to do what is right for her family. I am sharing her post here today.

The Mommy Mess wrote: A couple of weeks ago I found myself looking up a local charter school for my youngest. I found pictures on their school website of smiling uniformed children building robots and for a day or so I wondered if that would be better because well, would it?

I started looking up all sorts of alternatives to homeschooling and daydreamed about what life would look like if we didn’t homeschool anymore.

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For all of you homeschooling moms, have you ever felt the way The Mommy Mess does?

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