A Stirring

When you are seeking God’s will a stirring will follow as you wait. I believe God has a will for each of us. A personal, specific plan for our lives that we may or may not be aware of.

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The Bible is full of God’s will for our lives. A stirring happens as you seek to know Him more, which opens the door to His plan for your life. The plan doesn’t have to be a big one, like becoming the next Billy Graham. Most of us will experience the everyday kind of plan. And for the most part, the message doesn’t come from a burning bush or the mouth of a donkey. It’s more like a still small voice as recorded in 1 Kings 19, resonating deep inside that causes a stirring and a will to follow.

God cares about your life. It isn’t an accident nor a toss of the dice that brought us to the places we have landed. The choices we make in life have an effect on the outcome. We have be given the gift to choose.

A stirring to listen to God and His plan often requires our time and attention. It’s a noisy world we live in.

To find God’s plan for your life will require more than just a passing, “God, are you there, I need your help”, kind of prayer. We need to be focused on asking the questions and even more intent on hearing His answers. knowing we won’t be zapped instantly with an answer.

A desire to know His plan is a stirring to know Him.

I think the plan was put into place before we were born, according to Psalm 139. Because we have been given free will, to accept or reject the path God chose for us, we often take a detour to get to the place God has in mind. But let me be clear, the path we are on, the events we have faced and the crisis we have endured did not surprise our Lord, or catch Him off guard.

He is still God when the straight path we are on goes astray because He knows us that well.

As you seek Him, He has promised to be found so be prepared to get quiet and be stirred. For a stirring is the best gift of all.

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