A Step of Faith

I am reading A Step of Faith by Richard Paul Evans. It is the fourth novel in this series. The man certainly has a way with words. I just had to share the beginning with you. He wrote:

Am I dying?
     It’s a stupid question, really, as we’ve all got an expiration date. I guess the real question is not if, but when.
     As I was walking through the South Dakota Badlands- before I knew something was wrong with me-I had this thought: What if we all carried little timers that counted down the days of our lives? Maybe the timer’s a bit dramatic. Just the date would do. It could be tattooed on our foreheads like the expiration date on the milk bottle.
     It might be a good thing. Maybe we’d stop wasting our lives worrying about things that never happen, or collecting things that we can’t take with us. We’d probably treat people better. We certainly wouldn’t be screaming at someone who had a day left. Maybe people would finally stop living like they’re immortal. Maybe we would finally learn how to live.
     I’ve wondered if, perhaps, at some deep, subconscious level, we really do know our time. I’ve heard stories of people spontaneously buying life insurance or writing wills just days before an unforeseen calamity takes their lives.
     Whether we know our time or not, it doesn’t change the truth-there is a clock ticking for all of us. I suppose this weighs heavily on my mind right now because my clock seems to be ticking a little more loudly lately. a brain tumor will do that to you.

I don’t know what it is, there’s just something about those words, especially the line: Maybe we’d stop wasting our lives worrying about things that never happen, or collecting things that we can’t take with us. The last part. You know, the one about the stuff.

There it is again. Why do we humans spend so much time collecting stuff that we can’t take with us? Click here and here to read previous posts about stuff.

And I have a thing about how fast time goes by. It’s crazy! Minute by minute we get older until our time is up, I suppose. And that’s crazy too, because we truly do conduct our lives as if that wasn’t true.

My sweet grandma once told me she still felt eighteen even though she was in her seventies. I really didn’t get it at the time. I do now.

10 thoughts on “A Step of Faith”

  1. I just turned 24 years old on the 8th and I wondered about if I waste my energy,time and attention on things that really don’t matter. I do sometimes but as I get older, I try not to. My great grandmother was a strong woman of faith and she never worried from what I’m told. I’m Jennice visiting from #SITSsharefest. Have a good weekend!

  2. I love this. May is the busiest time for me and the to do list is massive. Some of it I want to do, much of it I do not. I either need to change my attitude toward the things I do not want to do, or I need to just remove them from my list. Great post! Stopped by from #SITS

  3. This is such an attention grabbing post. I’ve been attempting to be more in tuned and engaged. I’ve been mindful to spend time on things that matter. I’m so glad that you posted this.

  4. I do better at no caring about stuff than I do about using time wisely. That’s where I’m focusing these days. And, yeah, the still feeling 18 thing? That’s a killer.

    I hope you have a lovely weekend. Thanks for stopping by this Saturday Sharefest.

  5. My expire date is stamped on my heart and I’m constantly aware of it. Dave, my husband, suddenly and unexpectedly, died 11/11 and life has been a struggle since. You’re right to focus on those things that matter; you’re also right to focus on what you could do to prepare for death. My book says “Death comes to us or for us, it’s best to be prepared.”
    For the most part, Dave and I always lived daily, focused on the here and now as well as each other but we prepared for the future as well. If it hadn’t been for my faith in God, that I’m His daughter and He calls me by name, I wouldn’t have made it.
    Evans has it wrong though…I live like I’m immortal because I am immortal. I’m an old soul inhabiting a body but only for a while; one day, death, and then eternity with Christ.
    “Death comes to us or for us, it’s best to be prepared.”


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