A Road Trip and a Birthday and Doing a New Thing

Took a little road trip Sunday and saw this along the way. It is near Mammoth Cave National Park. There was once another Wigwam motel near my deceased grandparents farm, but that one has long since closed.
We were planning a canoe trip for Sunday, but no on had any available to rent, and we don’t have our own, nor do we have any way to transport one even if we did. We did, however, have to wait in line to cross over on a ferry and saw lots of people afloat. I find it interesting that ferries are used so often these days.
Our oldest son, our middle child turned 20 today. I only have one more teenage kid left. My how time flies. I remember the day he was born like it was…well a long time ago, but not. I miss those days of young kids, and noise, and messes and being busy, but I also respect the young man that my son has become. I enjoy his company and his sense of humor, his honesty and integrity.Yep, I’m proud to be his momma.
The new thing we did was to take our family to dinner to celebrate, and we invited his girlfriend to join us. We actually have taken our family to dinner, but not the girlfriend thing. It was nice. It was different. It was a new thing for me and I enjoyed it.

Oh, the many new experiences in life…

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