A Reflection

We are still getting settled into the house in which we moved almost two weeks ago. It already seems like home after this short amount of time, way more so than the apartment ever did. It’s all a matter of attitude.

The apartment was remodeled with new everything. New carpet, new paint, new ceramic tiled floors in the bathrooms, new flooring throughout, new granite counter tops, new appliances…I think you get the picture. The apartment also had more closet space and cabinets in the kitchen than this house because it is an older apartment complex.

This house, however, has new nothing. The paint in a couple of rooms isn’t too old but not colors I would have chosen. The hardwood floors are old and in decent shape but could stand to be redone. The kitchen counters are older than I am and that’s pretty old. I could go on but you get the picture. Old is the theme of the house. Bottom line though is it is a house. It is what we are accustomed to. It is in a nice neighborhood. It has a yard and windows in every room. Oh and here’s one I love…I can park right by the door, under the carport!

Some days I still think about how far we have come in thirteen months. Not just physically, from our home of thirteen years, sitting on five acres where we only saw the neighbors as we were driving past their houses; to an apartment with neighbors in which we shared the walls, the halls, the smells of cooking food; and now a house in a subdivision where we can see about a dozen houses from various points, inside and out.

How far we’ve come mentally and emotionally is more of what I dwell upon. I could write or talk for days about what all took place inside of me. Not that I’m a ‘bad’ person, mind you, but following a path and discovering who I am meant to be.

Could that have happened any other way than how it played out? I’m wise enough to know that I don’t have the answer to that question, and more importantly, it doesn’t even matter. This is where I am. How I got here isn’t as significant as what I’m going to do while I am here. Although this is a journey that will continue until I take my last breath, I have a clearer picture of what my life is suppose to be about, and a more willing heart to follow that path.

And maybe the most important lesson of all is knowing what life is not suppose to be about. What I do with all of this information and lessons learned remains to be seen but I have a pretty good idea that the road I’m now following is the one I was suppose to be on all along.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

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