A Pumpkin, a Poem, a Hop and a Shelf

We got a pumpkin today…actually two pumpkins. We were out for a Sunday afternoon drive, (yes, we actually did that), and passed by this “Serve Yourself” pumpkin stand. So we did. Two medium-sized pumpkins now reside on our front porch, which by-the-way, doesn’t happen in an apartment. The balcony, maybe. Totally doesn’t have the same feel to me, but I digress.

I also acquired a new bookshelf today…another bookshelf, to house the many books still sitting in boxes. I think that totals 7 bookshelves in this house, of various sizes, all full.

I am still blog hopping this weekend, and came across a blog called Beck Valley Books. I love books, I do. I love reading them, collecting them, decorating with them, and even the feel of a new book in my hands…kind of nerdy I know. So…I found this ‘poem’while hopping on the above mentioned blog:

My Book Vow

I will continue to treasure my books every day

To admire them all on display

There gilted titling on colourful covers and spines

There beautiful designs that seem to come to life

To cherish my most precious book

To hold it in my hands and connect to the story and characters

Escaping into another world as

You gently turn each page

Feeling the books own unique history

The smell of the old pages and print

Books are our history, present and our future

Without them the world would be a very sad place indeed

by Sharon Martin

8 thoughts on “A Pumpkin, a Poem, a Hop and a Shelf”

  1. This was a great post – and how cool about the serve yourself pumpkin stand, I’ve never seen anything like that!

    Thanks for the visit, I’m your newest follower!

    Smile and Mama With Me

  2. I love books, too! We still need to go get our pumpkins. Think I’m gonna take the kids today when my son gets out of school. Stopping by from Take Three Tuesday. Already a follower! Have a great day!


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