A Plan of Hope

I have been meditating on Jeremiah 29:11 lately. “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”. (New International Version).

I’ve just been wondering and thinking about the plans thing. A lot of people have this as their ‘life-verse’. Can we do that? Can we just pick a verse and make it our own, no matter who it was written for? Not sure about that but it seems that I’m not sure about a lot of things these days, things that I once was very sure of. It seems the more I learn, the less I know.

Does God really have a plan for each individual? Does He have a specific plan for each individual life, or is it just a general this-is-what-I-would-like-to-see-take-place-in-each-of- your-lives kind of plan?

Just wondering because if this is true and He has a plan for my life, well He kind of messed up a little bit. I mean no disrespect by that whatsoever. In fact, I tend to think if He does have a plan for my life, then I totally screwed it up.

God, however, is in the redeeming business. This I do know. He sent His Son to redeem mankind. And I guess that is where I tend to go, looking for the Lord to redeem my screw-ups. Along with this, I find myself taking full responsibility for where I am. Fully responsible for my choices. Fully. And I’m not sure I have ever been in that place before. But that is probably better left for another day.

Yet, I do find hope in the verse I mentioned. It says in fact, His plans are to give me hope. Hope is a little on short supply for me at the moment…has been for about a year; but the good thing is, as I continue to meditate on this verse, I am getting more hopeful. And that is a good thing because without hope, well…what’s the point?

So I guess the bottom line for me is this: regardless if God has a specific plan for my life or not and regardless of the fact that I have screwed it up on numerous occasions, I am putting my hope and trust in the God who redeems all things.
And what better way is there to live?

life…just saying

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  1. I think He does have a plan for each of us. And I think we do continually screw things up. I think He gives us time to get it right and in the meantime we have to just keep praying and staying in His word until we do get it right. I love the quote “Life is not easy, but it’s good”. Prayers for whatever it is you’re going through. Stopping by from voiceBoks.com,


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