A New Year

2012 was a difficult year for some, devastating for others, but for me, it was a year of discovery. Self-discovery can be pleasant or painful or a little of both. I guess I found it to be a lot of both. In just a few short hours the New Year will begin, in all of its glory, or not.

What can I say about 2012 that hasn’t already been said? What can I say about anything, for that matter, that hasn’t been touted, shouted or bemoaned way better than I could ever hope to do? And yet I do. I will. I continue the attempt to speak from my heart, for out of it flows a lifetime of experience and knowledge and wisdom; a life that only God can give.

There is nothing new under the sun, this I know to be true. The longer I live, the fewer new things I see. Sure, technology changes by a rapid pace that boggles this baby boomers mind of mine, yet it’s all been said and certainly acted upon before, for each generation, over and over again.

And so I write….

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