A Mother’s Heartache

I have often talked of a mother’s heartache here in this space, on social, and most recently on my podcast, Chasing Hard, Trusting God When Life Doesn’t Turn Out The Way You Planned. When Parenting Hurts was a hard one.

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My friend, Patti, a recent guest, told the tale of a mother’s heartache with her story about the journey of her son who battled addiction. She did so with such grace, elegance, transparency and so much love.

A mother’s heartache can be a roller coaster ride especially when it involves addiction. I have known other mothers who have shared their hard stories about kids dealing with drug and alcohol issues but Patti’s hit hard. Maybe because we grew up together. I see her sister often. It became personal as I listened to her story of a mother’s heartache while we chatted on the podcast.

I also talk about grief a lot. It seems life is a series of losses. That’s not to say that there aren’t good times filled with joy. Life is both. Grief and joy can co-exist. Grief isn’t the opposite of joy. Loss sometimes comes in a mixed bag of gains, joy and sadness, intermingling. A mother’s heartache is a tale of all those things.

When we start having kids we can’t help but to think of their futures and hope for good things. We never want or plan on adversity for our kids. It’s not natural. A mother’s heartache can look different in each situation. It can often look like illness, injury, disability or relationship issues. We seem to be prepared to handle the everyday problems that we often face. We don’t like to entertain the unthinkable. Addiction falls under that category. Patti went through the unthinkable.

Perspective is everything. Never more so than when it comes wrapped as a mother’s heartache. If you are dealing with a child battling addiction my prayers are with you. I honor you and your courage to go through the things you have endured.

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