A Little Cheese With My Whine

It was a tough day, not gonna lie. This is a continuation of the basketball blues that I’ve been singing lately. Pass the cheese, please.

Today brought back so many emotions, memories and the past. The game was over at 2:00 and it has seriously taken me the rest of the day to recover emotionally and mentally and even physically. I needed a nap and a little chocolate to get me through. How can that be? How can I care so much about how people view me and our situation? How can I be so bothered by the way folks choose to act and conduct their lives?  

And where do I go from here? I didn’t like the vibe of the whole deal and the season has just begun! I seriously have to go through this for a few more months? Only if I want to support my son. And I do. But hey, he’s an awesome musician. Couldn’t we just add some music to the many musical things he is already involved in? Do we really need this whole basketball gig?

I know I have to step up and take one for the team (my family that is) but I don’t have to like it. I will even give you that I’m going to grow as a person because of the dynamics of it all. I’d rather not.

You can put the cheese away now. I think I’m finished.

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