A Holiday and a Book

My last post was a week ago. My how time flies. I can’t believe that another week has come and gone. It may have something to do with the holiday weekend.

It was a full weekend. A graduation party on Sunday after church, and then to my folks to celebrate the birthdays of my little brother and my oldest son who have birthdays a week apart. It is a nice tradition that started several years ago.

On Monday we had no big plans but it proved to be an eventful day. My husband and I visited the graves of his father, his youngest brother, and my brother. We laid a rose on each of the graves. We never do this on Memorial Day.

I didn’t plan on cooking on Monday, not sure why. Maybe because it was a holiday! Nothing really to grill, so the hubs went to Kroger where THEY were grilling baby back ribs. Two racks please, actually pretty tasty, not to mention cheaper than the restaurant we were considering.

The rest of the day consisted of, for me anyway, getting my newly formatted ebook uploaded to smashwords. I did it! Yay! I now have my first published ebook! So excited, in case you couldn’t tell.

Then I submitted it to Amazon Kindle and this morning it was a done deal.

I am excited, not only because it was a goal I had, the whole book thing. I’ve been published before, if you want to count letters to the editor, a letter to the television show/movie expert in our local paper many moons ago to settle a dispute my husband and I had (I won!), and The Catholic Record, again, a very long time ago. No book though, until now. And even though it isn’t a tangible object you can hold in your hands, it’s there in cyberspace, until death do I part, and longer still.

The other reason I am excited is I want the book to help people through the struggle of losing their home, or any other struggle, for that matter. That is my ultimate goal and purpose for writing this book.

So here’s the pitch: if you know of someone who has lost their home to foreclosure, or for any reason; or someone who has suffered a loss that seems too difficult to overcome, then maybe you can direct them to my book.

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