A Higher Purpose

The last day of 2016.

A time for reflections.

It was a hard year for a lot of people, on many levels. We all know of the seemingly greater-than-average celebrity deaths of this year,  with the latest being Carrie Fisher/Debbie Reynolds, leaving this world, mother and daughter, one day apart from each other. That doesn’t include all the others…

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But so much more has happened too. Don’t get me wrong, these lives matter, all lives do, and these high profile people are making the news, but what about the rest of humanity?

People, ordinary people who have experienced tragic events, losing a spouse or a child or a parent. No fanfare, no outpouring of love and sympathy for them on such a grand scale, but equally important and life-changing. Average people doing life, dealing with loss.

There are those among us who have lost their job for whatever reason. The worry and fear that comes along with that.

Those with addictions or a loved one who is using.



Legal trouble.


And the list goes on.

Yes, it’s been a tough year on many levels. But at the same time,  in the midst of all of this tragedy,  life is happening.

Babies are born.

Couples wed.

New adventures and jobs come along.


But here’s the deal, all of these things are life, people doing life. The ebb and flow of good and bad situations.

The best line I heard all year is this: “No one is getting out of here alive”.


There has to be a greater reason, a higher purpose than we mere mortals can comprehend. For what purpose can it serve to suddenly and tragically lose your teenage child who is just learning to drive in a senseless accident?

How can there be a reason for a terminal illness to overcome an entire family, leaving them motherless, wifeless?

It’s in the seeking;  that’s where answers are found. Not necessarily the answers to the problems or struggles themselves.

It’s in the yielding and letting go.

It’s in the holding on to God.

No one gets out of this life alive.

Not you, not me.

This life will end for each of us.  All the suffering and life-events will have served their purpose and then we will know for sure.

Wouldn’t it be better to know before?

The greater purpose and reason.

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  1. Oh Laurie, what a beautiful and powerful message you share here! Thank you for your inspiring words of which we all need to take to heart.

    Here’s to a New Year filled with finding purpose in every moment that unfolds.

    God bless you, friend.


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