A Good Thing

It’s that time again. The time of the week when I get to sit down and write some words of encouragement to a dear friend to show my support as she journeys through a very difficult time in her life.
And I got nothin…
That’s okay, though, because I usually don’t know what I’m going to say until I put pen to paper….(different kinds of paper just to keep it interesting, but always a pen with purple ink). This week was no different.
I just so happened to read a quote before I started to write. It felt like an appropriate place to begin.”When you have nothing left but God…you become aware that God is enough. (A. Maude Royden)
And that’s how I began my letter. I then told her about the $30 green leather couch (delivery included) we bought over the weekend at our neighborhood yard sale…. and that I am thinking about turning the family room into a more usable space, which means hauling a lot of boxes and such, back to the storage unit. A nesting of sorts, in this temporary place we call home.
 This is a good thing.
I am also thinking about painting and/or decoupaging some old laminate book cases that were given to us about a year ago. Engaging in life, in the making of a home, even if it isn’t the home of my heart. This too is good.
These are good signs. These are signs of life. Signs of a cold heart that is thawing, drip by drip, slowly it melts. I am no longer in the place I was two years ago. There are things I have let go of…finally…and this too is good.
I had a conversation with a very, very dear friend. She has been through much for most of her adult life, especially the last five years. And though she still deals with pain on a daily basis, and is quite limited in her life due to physical issues, she is no longer praying that God will take her while she sleeps.
This is very good.
I have had several conversations of late with a woman who hurt me deeply. She wasn’t even aware of the hurt, I’m sure. She tends to focus on her own stuff, however, I am able to do this, conversing with her in a normal fashion. The chains are gone, I’ve been set free. A good thing indeed.
So many hurting people. So many people doing what they do in spite of the many trials of life. In spite of their pain, their hurt, their loss.
God is still at work. Life happens day by day, circumstances change for better, for worse, or they don’t change at all, but we humans do. I’m not sure how that happens, picking up the pieces of the discarded fragments of our hopes and dreams, but I suppose that is part of the Father’s plan.
And that is a very good thing.

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