A Glance at the Week

It was an incredible week. Not because it was so unbelievabley wonderful. It wasn’t. Simply because it was so different. Not once did I step in a grocery store…or any store for that matter, unless you count A La Carte, the university’s cafeteria. That never happens in my world. Not hitting a store? I did send my daughter a few times.

I only cooked once the entire week as well. It was a scramble of leftovers, sandwiches and some cheap, take-out pizza over the course of evening meal event. That happens more and more these days…the not cooking.

I missed a night of office cleaning. “The Crew” went without me one night and cleaned a couple. We bumped the other one to another night. That rarely happens.

I missed some time with family and friends. Truly, I missed it. It was the first time since I became a mother that I had to leave the house every morning at a time designated by an ourside source, to spend several hours away, only to come home when that designated time was up. Not sure I liked it. No, wait, I know I didn’t like it.

I did, however, get to sit in and watch and listen to my son audition to become one of the bass players for a worship band. He has a gift. I’m happy to see him using it in this manner. This was the highlight of my week.

 I gave a 2 minute talk, along with the rest of the class, on a defining moment in my life. It was quite an experience. Not just the public speaking part that most are uncomfortable with. Listening to so many young people who have experienced so many tragic things. It was inspring, really, and an honor to be a part of a group of people who were so willing to share moments that were defining indeed.

We talked about time and stress management in relation to college life in another class. One thing in the text book was a chart or an illustration of The Pie of Life. It was a circle divided into 3 parts. Each part showing the time spent on school, work and family/lesiure. I need a bigger pie. Especially if I’m going to go to school. I don’t, however, think I’m going to get one. I don’t think it’s possible. We are each give a 24 hour pie on a daily basis. It’s up to us to divide that pie into the proper pieces. It changes. It’s a living pie. More proof of that became evident this week.

Tonight I planned to reward myself, after I spent the morning on cleaning jobs, the afternoon reading for one class and taking notes for next week’s open notes quiz in the other class, and cleaning another ofice or two after dinner. The reward was a movie rented from Redbox. The movie was Soul Surfer. It’s been on my list of things to see. I watched it with some of my family. I identified.

Even though I have all my body parts, I feel like I’ve been flailing around all week, in the water with one arm. Yep, all the reading, all the time spent in class, all good things. But are they the things I am meant to do? That’s what this week is, what this opportunity in these classes is all about. I don’t quite know the answer to that just yet, but I think I may have caught a glimsp. Maybe I got to see a piece of the pie that’s been missing. Or a piece of the pie that needs to have it’s place.

I’m not sure how all this fits together. I am sure that not all of it makes sense. I am sure, though, that I am closer to the answer. I am sure that God has a plan and I am ready.

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