A Funeral, A Wedding, A Family Reunion

Last week my good friend lost her father. He passed away Monday morning. She spent the weekend with her family as her dad lived his last days on Earth.

Her oldest son was married on Friday night after the funeral. It was quite a week. I watched her handle this busy, difficult and emotionally hard week with grace and a quiet peace.

It is a testament to their family to see the many people who stepped up and helped in so many ways; especially with last minute wedding preparations as she was occupied with her father’s funeral. I hope they know how blessed and fortunate they are to have so many people show their love for them in a very practical way. Not all families experience this, I dare say.

My family attended the wedding on Friday evening. We have known this young man and his family for many years. I taught the boy in Sunday School when he was but a small lad. Time indeed passes all too quickly.

It was a lovely wedding. The bride looked stunning and the handsome groom was a bundle of excitement and nerves all rolled into one. A few tears were shed as well. It was touching to watch.

That is the essence of weddings. It’s a happy-sad time. A family being formed as you say good-bye to the comfortable and familiar. It’s a balancing act, finding a new normal while blending families into one. This act is set in motion as soon as the child enters the world, slowly and steadily and oh, so surely, making his way into adulthood.

For those guests who are or have been married, attending a wedding serves as a thought-provoking reminder of vows exchanged. Of happy times and some that are not. The nature of marriage and life itself.

Our annual family reunion was a time to reflect as well, and to get in re-connect with my roots. It was a time to cherish because you never know who may no longer be with you when the next reunion rolls around. There were many who were missed. Some who had previous engagements and some who have left this world.

My cousin, the family photographer at their own small gatherings, lovingly placed and posed us all for several family photos. We laughed and complained about so many pictures being taken but deep inside we know it’s a good thing. It is a part of our heritage. It is a memory that has been captured to pass down to the generations that will follow.

The weekend was busy but it was good.

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