8 Ways to Grow Through Conflict

Conflict, now there’s something we all love, right? Not so much, but it is a part of every relationship and always will be. If you can figure out to grow through conflict then you’re on your way to a satisfying life and relationships.

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Here are  8 ways to help you grow through conflict.

1. The goal isn’t to win the fight. It IS to learn more about each other and how to have a win/win outcome. This will lead to more satisfying relations with your loved one.
2. Listen more, talk less. By listening to your partner, you will set the stage for warm and fuzzy feelings. Your spouse will feel loved and cared for. What better way to ensure that you grow through conflict? You may even begin to embrace times of conflict as time of growth.
3. Being happy is better than being right, right? Is being right really that important? The goal is to build a better relationship with your spouse. Being right serves you not at all, unless you just enjoy the feeling of always being right…and lonely.
4. Allow your spouse to have their own opinions. Just because your spouse has a different opinion than you means very little to your relationship. You can use your differences to make a better you as a couple. 
5. Leave no man behind. The military knows there stuff when it comes to this relationship deal. Don’t leave your spouse behind by laying them out with a verbal barrage of all their wrong doings. Recognize their strengths. Appreciate their talents and cherish this gift of time together.
6. Keep the main thing the main thing. Don’t get side tracked. Focus on whatever it is that’s causing the conflict, deal with it and move on.

7. When in doubt, clarify. Don’t assume you know what your beloved is feeling or really means by their facial expression or tone. Ask them what they are feeling. Feelings have no rhyme or reason, they just are.

8. Don’t drag the past around. If you have things to deal with from the past, then do so in an appropriate manner and at an appropriate time. Don’t bring it up every time you have a conflict.

Conflicts are stressful times. If you use some or all of these suggestions, then not only will you be able to handle conflicts better, but you will even grow through them as well, and that makes for a more peaceful and satisfying life and relationship.

What else would you add to this list?


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