7 Ways to Boost Your Creativity-The SITS Girls

I love The SITS Girls, that’s no secret! I have been a community lead for them about a year now. One of the things I do as a community lead is to write posts. I am sharing one today that was published on The SITS Girls site July 23, 2014.


Photo Credit: Graphic created by The SITS Girls

Whether you are a writer, a musician, or a bottle washer, we can all use a little push in the creative department every now and then. Sometimes we just get stuck. And that’s okay. Knowing how to get unstuck an boost our creativity is one way to get where you want to be.

Here is a little of what I wrote in the post:

It’s time to sit down and write the next article, the next post, or the next chapter of your book, but try as you might you come up short, with nothing but a few dead-end ideas that have been regurgitated one time too many. We’ve all been there, right? If you’re not sure what to do next, then keep reading. We have some ideas to help you boost your creativity.

Click 7 Ways to Boost Your Creativity to read the rest of the post and then come back and leave a comment on how you boost your creativity!

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