25 Random Things

1. It’s cold here today.
2. I dislike cold weather.
3. I ate at Texas Roadhouse today for the first time ever.
4. It wasn’t as good as I was expecting.
5. My son just told me the first four aren’t random.
6. My son is a freshman in college.
7. My other son is at a retreat.
8. I am watching a college basketball game that is pretty intense at the moment.
9. I have a song stuck in my head from my brother’s CD.
10. I’m having lunch with a friend Monday.
11. I’m ready to be a grandmother, but my kids aren’t cooperating.
12. I signed up for the Linky follow tool and can’t log in.
13. It’s hard to think up 25 random things.
14. I like chocolate too much.
15. I am linking up to a 25 random thing blog.
16. I have laundry that needs to be folded and put away.
17. I should go to bed earlier than I do.
18. A GPS can be a useful yet frustrating tool.
19. I climbed 3 ladders today.
20. My nails are a mess.
21. I’ve never been on Pinterest.
22. I want to make these really cool bracelets.
23. Our band is taking a break.
24. We need to get a few boxes our of our friends’ garage.
25. Fast food places don’t understand the phrase “extra ice”.

1 thought on “25 Random Things”

  1. Wow you’ve never been on Pinterest? Now that is some will power. 😉 I’m with you about the Texas Road house. Have you ever been to a Longhorn Steakhouse? It’s a lot better and about the same price.
    I agree that 25 random things is hard to come up with.


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