16 Random Things

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I spent some quality time with my mother today. My dad had surgery. We sat in a couple of waiting areas together. Here are some random thoughts and observations.

1. Mass texts help keep people informed in one easy SEND.

2. Free valet parking at a hospital is an interesting idea. Only at a Veterans hospital…

3. Why do vending machines do such funny things?

4. Hospital waiting areas are always COLD!

5. Waiting for the doctor to come tell you your loved one is doing fine is a very long wait.

6. Pushing a patient down hill in a wheel chair requires a little brute strength.

7. People who work around people should at least like people.

8. I’m not sure why I told the anesthesiologists not to do anything wrong to my dad when he introduced himself to me.

9. When a television is on it’s hard NOT to watch.

10. There’s a flush button on back of those self-flushing toilets.

11. When a recipe calls for milk it’s important to put it in.

12. A small, temporary community is formed within the waiting room of people coming and going.

13. Waiting rooms are exhausting.

14. My husband should pick up Chinese on his way home from work.

15. Thinking about Uncle Bob and visiting him at this hospital the last few weeks of his life.

16. I really love my dad and am glad the surgery and recovery went well.

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