10 Things the Government Shut Down Hasn’t Affected

Day four of the Government shut down and no end in sight. Very sad for those who are directly affected and for the far-reaching effects that we are unable to see. Regardless of which side of this whole ridiculous mess you are on here is my list of 10 things the shut down hasn’t affected.

1. Laundry. That’s right. It just keeps going and piling and pleading with me to do it. I have. I am. I will continue to do so.

10 Things the Government Shut Down Hasn't Affected


2. Bad driving. It is alive and well (or not). People do some really stupid things while behind the wheel. Witnessed a display of such yesterday.

3. Inept cashiers. With all due respect to this honest and necessary job, there are some very inept cashiers out there. Please can we open another line now?

4. Gratitude. I just read a post today on Facebook where a woman was giving thanks because her husband had successfully come through his first round of chemo. There is always something to be grateful for.

5. Weather. It’s the same. It rained yesterday. It’s sunny today. I’m pretty sure we will have weather tomorrow.

10 Things the Government Shut Down Hasn't AffectedCredit

6. Air to breathe, quality not-withstanding. We need it, we have it. And that it good.

7. The freedom to voice our opinions…and we are (talk radio).

8. Dinner. I still have to figure out something for dinner most nights. The peeps around here like their three squares.

9. Birthdays are still happening. I have a sister-in-law who turned 40 yesterday. I’m sure that was a very big deal for her…the big four O. I scoff. 40…she is but a babe.

10 Things the Government Shut Down Hasn't AffectedCredit

10. Relationships. Still a very important part of life. We all have them. Some better than others. Some that need work. Some that need tweaking. I was reminded just yesterday of the briefness and fragility of life. It is…both. Give someone you love a hug today.

11.  A sense of humor. A woman I know who works for the Census Bureau has said some witty things the last few days even though I know she is very concerned about her job and her fellow employees. A sense of humor will get you through many a tough situation.

Yep, that was 11 things. You got the last one as a bonus.

Here’s hoping that our elected officials will settle this soon.


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