10 Holiday Questions

Tis the season. The countdown has begun, and the rushing around has commenced. Of course I know how busy you are too, but why not take a time-out and answer these 10 holiday questions?

1. Clear lights or colored?
2. Real or artificial tree?
3. Do you like eggnog?
4. Do/did you do Santa with your kids?
5. Do you travel, or stay at home for Christmas?
6. Do you have a traditional Christmas meal? If so, what do you serve?
7. Favorite Christmas movie?
8. Favorite Christmas song?
9. Do you have a favorite childhood Christmas memory?
10. Favorite Christmas tradition?

I’ll share my answers tomorrow…if I can grab a minute or two.

6 thoughts on “10 Holiday Questions”

  1. colour

    artificial coz real tree is hard to find in my country



    usually travel . have not decided for this year

    nope .

    Dont really have favourite Xmas movie. Maybe … the ghost of christmas past present and future.

    silent night

    walking around shopping malls enjoying the christmas songs and looking at their decoration

    leaving the tree lights on overnight on Christmas eve. and slso gift shopping


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